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  • Muhammad Faiq Nurhakim

    Muhammad Faiq Nurhakim

  • Fernando Greve

    Fernando Greve

    Sr. Data Scientist LATAM Airlines

  • Tim Leung, Ph.D.

    Tim Leung, Ph.D.

    Boeing Professor of Applied Math & Director of the Computational Finance & Risk Management (CFRM) Program at UW-Seattle; Senior Research Advisor.

  • Andreas Koch

    Andreas Koch

  • Dimage Mmm

    Dimage Mmm

  • Mike Casale

    Mike Casale

    AVM/Data Scientist | machine learning developer, start-ups, creating business intelligence tools and predictive analytics models. Climate action enthusiast.

  • Tracy Allison Altman

    Tracy Allison Altman

    Making it possible for everyone to see, touch, and work with artificial intelligence @MuseumofAI | https://museumof.ai

  • Prasun Biswas

    Prasun Biswas

    Data Scientist | Risk Analytics | AI/ML enthusiast | Get in touch: https://www.linkedin.com/in/prasun-biswas-254a5b78/

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